I am not sure about you, but I quite often find myself resisting the urge to redecorate my room. Move the furniture around, buy new art, find new accessories for the desk and bookshelves. But also being budget concious, I also find ways to repurpose things I already have, such as previous art work and calendars. Which leads me to my newest project, repurposing a two-year-old desk calendar from the oh-so-talented Inslee Farris. Although the calendar no longer serves a purpose, I still love the art work and couldn’t bring myself to get rid of it. Because pretty things, you know.

Expertise level: Beginner
Time: 1 hour (including hanging time)
Cost: Depending on frames and calendar purchased

Look at how cute her prints are! You definitely need to follow her on Instagram and pick up a calendar for yourself. I added a link to her shop at the bottom of this post, along with a couple other picks I absolutely adore!

New prints on the site today!

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This is a very easy project to do and takes about an hour. What you will need:

  • Old calendar
  • 12 frames + mats
  • Small nails + hammer
  • Scissors

Depending on the size of your calendar, you will need to trim the “calendar” portion off of the images. I ended up keeping mine in tact because I liked the way it looked and they fit in the frames better making it easier to align them correctly.


I bought my simple black frames at the Dollar Tree. I had to search for 12 that matches exactly, but there were lots of sizes and variations that would go well together. You can also check out Goodwill, Walmart, and Target for cheap frames. Don’t be afraid to paint them or vary in sizes as well. This is your chance to get creative.


Once you have the right size frames and have trimmed the art to fit in your frame, just assemble as you would with any other picture making sure that the art is properly aligned on both sides.


Attach the back, and you are done! It REALLY is THAT simple and took me less than 30 minutes to assemble all 12 images. Don’t you think they look great?



Next, arrange them on the wall as you see fit. You can line them up and space them out evenly, but that takes too much time and well, I am not that patient, so random order and spacing won the day. I like the randomness of it and to make it even more interesting think about adding other smaller art pieces in between these pieces to fill out the space. As for now, I like it how it is. Simple and easy.


Here are a few of my top calendar picks, or you can use something you already have.

Inslee Farris


Rifle Paper Co.


Paper Source


Don’t forget to leave a comment if you liked this tutorial and tell me what your favorite go-to calendar is!