I recently came across Poolga – and fell in love. If you are not familiar, Poolga “showcases the best art and illustration for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, created by fine illustrators from around the world.”

Here is a little more info about the making of the Poolga app:

Poolga came to life in 2007 when we got our hands on the first iPhone. Frustrated by the lack of decent wallpapers out there, we came up with the idea of showcasing established and up-and-coming illustrators by distributing their work for use on mobile devices. Today, Poolga is one of the few online outlets flying the flag for good quality wallpapers — no cheesy landscapes or muscle cars here!

Poolga (pronounced ‘pool-gah’), is the nickname that a friend gave to her baby before she was born. ‘Pulga’ means ‘flea’ in Spanish. The baby is now called Sofia.”

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the Poolga Tumblr for even more design awesomness!

I created an inspiration board with the ones that I love – which would you choose?

Harry Shum Jr's Tenth and Fourth - Tipster Poolga

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